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Derbyshire Youth Council

We have valued the voice and involvement of young people aged 11 to 19 years old in shaping  services since 2002 through the establishment of the Derbyshire Youth Council.

The youth council is made up of elected members aged from 11 to 19 who are elected through their school, academy or special school in Big Vote. We have designated seats for SEND young people, elected home educated, young carers, children in care and black and minority ethnic (BME) groups. The full council meets for a full day conference every two months to work on projects and issues important to young people.

At election time, new members can join the youth council and get involved in making decisions about things that are going on.


At the moment, the youth council serves a two year term of office. The current council were elected from over 117 candidates in March 2018.

The Big Vote for 2018-2020 has now finished and the new members elected.

What youth councillors get up to

Youth councillors represent young people from their own schools and communities - you can chat to them about any issues you feel strongly about and want to change.

Local councillors and MPs listen to the youth council's views and take them into account when they're creating new policies and plans for young people's services.

In the past, youth councillors have:

  • worked closely with our elected members and officers
  • discussed young people's issues with Government ministers
  • spoken in the House of Commons
  • played a key role in promoting young people's issues across the East Midlands
  • served on the Derbyshire Children's Partnership Board
  • taken part in meetings, conferences, events, roadshows, consultations and visits
  • helped allocate YOUTHINC with grant funding to youth projects across Derbyshire.

During their meeting in May 2017 youth council members worked on their priorities and actions for the coming year. The three campaign themes which will be priority for the next 12 months are:

  • young people's mental health (Derbyshire County Council)
  • curriculum for life (British Youth Council)
  • tackling stereotypes of teenagers (Derbyshire Youth Council priority to be confirmed).

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to know how your local youth councillors are supporting these campaigns email: