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Privacy policy

This policy tells you all you need to know about how Derbyshire County Council uses and protects any information you provide about yourself when you use this website.

We take your privacy and the security of any information you provide about yourself and your interests very seriously. Any info we ask you to provide while using this site will be kept secure and used only in the ways set out in this policy.

We may update this policy from time to time so we suggest coming back every now and again to make sure you're happy with how we're gathering, using and storing your information.

What might we ask for?

Most of the time we won't ask for any information from you in order to look at things on our website. If you fill in a form, enter a competition or report something to us online we may ask for details such as:

  • your name
  • your email address or contact details
  • the name of the school you go to
  • your age
  • contact details for your parent, carer or guardian.
We'll keep this information safe - we've put policies and technology in place to make sure it isn't accidentally shared - but if you're unsure whether you should be providing this information always ask a parent or guardian for advice.

What do we do with the information we collect?

We'll most often ask for you to provide us with your details when you enter a competition or complete a form on our website. 

For competitions your information will only be used to make sure you're allowed to enter or contact you if you win. For forms we'll use the information to deal with what you've reported or applied for.

There'll be more information - the terms and conditions - on the competition page or alongside the form.

We may occasionally run an online survey. The information we gather in these will be used to help us improve the website.

We will never sell your information or provide it to any third party.

Using social networks like facebook, Instagram, Keek and Twitter

Pretty much everyone uses social networks, instant messaging or chat and we're no different. We're on social networks like facebook and Twitter so we can make sure you know about things like exclusive discounts as well as answer any questions you have about our services or this website. 

However, before you set up a profile, post a picture or share a status it's important to remember that once your information is on a social network you may not be able to control it.

When you're following, mentioning, commenting or liking things on our profiles we'll only use the information you provide to improve our services, accept your entry to a competition or sort out something you've reported or requested.

Make sure you're happy with how a social network uses your information before you sign up or post anything to it. There's some useful guides online or ask a parent or guardian what they think is best.