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Social media

Lots of people are using social media - facebook, Twitter, Keek, Instagram or Snapchat - and we're no different.

We use social networks so we can bring you the latest and exclusive discounts, answer your questions, or give you information. We also want to share a little bit of the YOUTHINC world with you! 

Where can you find us online?

We might also use other networks or online tools from time to time, such as Skype and Vine.

Be safe online

We want you to be safe online and so it's a good idea to remember things before you start using a social network:

  • Once you've posted something online - a status, video, picture or comment - it's hard to control what happens to it and how that information is used.
  • Things posted online are forever - think carefully about whether something you post now might make things hard for you in the future or damage your reputation.
  • Lots of social networks, like facebook, require you to be aged 13 or older before you use their service. Check the terms and conditions of anything online you want to use or ask a parent or guardian for their advice.
  • People aren't always who they seem online. Only make friends with people you know in real life and don't provide any personal information to a stranger or organisation. If you're worried you can contact CEOP. If you feel in immediate danger dial 999 and tell the police.