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Be Fearless

It's okay to go to a responsible adult or the police if you want someone to talk to - but if you are scared or want to be anonymous, talk to Fearless.

Fearless is the youth brand of Crimestoppers, and boasts total anonymity when making a report or call about something you know or have seen.


There are two ways to talk to Fearless:

The information you provide will be stripped of any detail that may lead back to you, and the call or online form is stripped of any data so that it cannot be traced back to you.

You will not be asked to provide further information and you won't be asked to attend court, because we won't know who you are!

The Derbyshire Youth Council have all been trained to be Fearless Ambassadors in your school and local area. They are tasked with spreading the messages about Fearless and how to make a report, and display the free posters and information.

See the Fearless website for more information and free resources.