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Apprenticeships are a chance to earn while you learn - there are loads of vacancies to apply for.

Apprenticeships involve both on-the-job and off-the-job training. So as well as working for an employer, you'll spend some time at a college, university or with a training provider.

They can last between one and three years depending on your experience and the level you want to study at.

Iis it for me?

An apprenticeship might be the right option for you if you know what you want to do and are keen to start getting the qualifications and skills you need.

They're available in lots of different work-related subjects like hospitality, construction and health care.

Find out all you need to know about apprenticeships on the national apprenticeship website.

For more information about apprenticeships take a look at the Young Person's Guide produced by the Derby and Derbyshire Skills and Employment Board which is attached to this page.

You can also read about Megan's DCAS apprenticeship and how it has led her to a successful role within the Creative Arts.

If you are an employer wanting to know more about apprenticeships then take a look at the Derby and Derbyshire Skills and Employment Board Employers Guide attached to this page.

How do I applyY?

Register on the national apprenticeship website where you can search and apply.

There are around 17,000 vacancies on there at any one time - that's a lot of vacancies!

You'll find hints and tips in 'looking for jobs and apprenticeships' in the section.

Current vacancies

If you live in Derbyshire and are looking for current apprenticeship vacancies please view the apprenticeships website to find out about apprenticeship opportunities near you.