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If an employer is impressed by your job application you will be invited to attend an interview. An interview is an opportunity for you to really sell yourself, so it's important to be prepared.

You will probably get a letter or email confirming the time and details of your interview.

Your interview may: 

  • be with one person or in front of a panel of people 
  • include selection tests on personality, aptitude and skills 
  • be part of a recruitment day where you may be asked to do tasks with other applicants to see how you work in a team, or 
  • include a presentation to show your organisational and communication skills.

If you are asked to do a selection test or presentation you will be given a topic and a time limit to deliver it in.

Selection tests

Selection tests are a way of checking how you do tasks or react to different situations. They are scored so that the employer can compare your results with those of the other people being interviewed.

How to prepare

The national careers service has more information about preparing for job interviews, or you could take a look at our hints and tips for interview techniques in the section below.