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Children in Care Council

Every local authority should have in place a children in care council (CICC), where children and young people in care can share their experiences of the care system, to help their 'corporate parents' get things right and look after them properly.

When a child or young person comes into care their local authority become 'corporate parents', this means they have to make sure that everything a parent would normally do to look after their child still happens.

Children in care rely on people like social workers, child in care nurses and foster carers to look after them and to make sure that they are safe, well cared for, do well in education and are happy. We listen to children in care and use what you tell us to improve your life in care.


Children in Care Council meetings take place every month in Alfreton from 6pm to 8pm. We need more council members, so if you are a Derbyshire child in care aged from 10 to 18 years old, we'd like to hear from you.

If meetings aren't for you, we still want to hear from you if you've something to tell us about your experience of being in care.

The Big Conversation

The CICC met with the strategic head of children's services, heads of service, assistant directors, virtual school, social care and elected members back in December 2015 at an event called 'The Big Conversation' to ask them to sign up to the CICC pledge. The pledge outlined the promises we are going to make to young people in care. The CICC had previously got together and talked about the issues they felt needed resolving around finance, passports, PEPs and social workers, that have an impact on their lives in care.

Young people met with decision makers to track the progress of the 'promises' and give the decision makers a chance to explain or be accountable if the issue has not been resolved and give an explanation of why.

The event was successful and young people felt that the decision makers had listened to their concerns and addressed their issues.

The Big Conversation 6

The participation team facilitated this event in April 2018 enabling corporate parents, decision-makers, strategic leads and elected member Councillor Alex Dale to meet with young people in care. The event explored, challenged and monitored the issues raised by young people who attend 'Our Voice' (the new name for the Children in Care Council) which revisited and included:

  • life skills and independence skills for all young people in care
  • coming into care pack
  • eligibility for driving lessons
  • the young people again sat with the decision makers and Councillor Dale to identify issues and come up with ways of solving problems. They then drew up detailed action plans to address the issues raised

This event gave decision makers young people's thoughts and ideas on how life for young people in care could be improved, and how as strategic managers, this information was vital to uphold the pledge and make sure, as corporate parents, they are listening to the collective voices and support can be given to everyone in care to be the best they can be.

The next Big Conversation is scheduled for 28 October 2019 in The Members Room, County Hall, Matlock, contact Ruth Peat, email for catering. If you have anything to add to the Big Conversation 5, please email:


All meetings take place from 6pm to 8pm - snacks and drinks will be available.

  • Tuesday 17 September 2019
  • Tuesday 22 October 2019
  • Tuesday 19 November 2019
  • Tuesday 10 December 2019

For more information please email: or tel: 01629 535787.