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UK Youth Parliament

Derbyshire Youth Council (DYC) has been involved in the annual UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) UK-wide ballot called 'Make your Mark'. Every year the UK Youth Parliament holds MYM ballot where all young people can vote on what they think Members of Parliament should campaign on for the year ahead.

In 2018 Derbyshire recorded a 13.58% turnout and members of the DYC have been working hard by campaigning in schools, colleges, skills festivals and shopping centres throughout Derbyshire. 

Nationally the turnout was 18.8% with 1,106,788 votes cast. The east midlands turnout for 2018 was 45,942. Derbyshire contributed 15,718 ballots to the East Midlands total.

The top 5 issues identified nationally were:

  • Put an end to knife crime.
  • Mental health - devolved mental health services should be improved with the help of young people and be available in schools.
  • Equal pay for equal work - UK*. Give young people the same amount of pay if they're doing the same work as adults in the same job.
  • Tackling homelessness.
  • Votes at 16. Give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in all elections and referendums.

On 9 November 2018 members of the UKYP came together to debate and decide at the UKYP House of Commons sitting the most important issues to campaign on for the year ahead. 

The 2 most important issues voted on were:

  • Votes at 16
  • Knife crime

Alex (MYP) representing Ecclesbourne School, opened the event in Parliament with his lead debate speech in support of 'Votes at 16' in the Chamber. Alex was commended by the Speaker of the House, Right Honourable John Bercow MP.

Tom (MYP) and Louis (MYP) also spoke in the House of Commons opposing 'votes at 16' and 'knife crime'. The event was televised on BBC Parliament.

The DYC will be working on campaigns addressing knife crime with partners in their communities in 2019.