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Your b_line card

Save money on bus and train fares with your b_line card. It's free!

If you're 11 to 18, up to your nineteeth birthday and live in Derbyshire you can have a b_line card.

This applies to all young people, not just if you go to school. So if you are an apprentice, on a training scheme, working or looking for work you can get a card too.


You'll get your b_line1 card when you start secondary school.

Your school will probably sort this out for you before you start or in the first week or so in September.

You'll be given your new card a few weeks later. It'll give you a child fare or the bus or train company discount ticket. Plus you can use it for shop and business discounts.


You'll get your b_line2 card when you turn 16.

As a general rule, if you still go to school they will sort this out for you. You'll probably be invited to a school photography session around September time.

If, for some reason, you can't get your card through school, don't worry. You can still make an application yourself.

If you go to college, are an apprentice, on a training course, working or looking for work you'll need to complete an application form.

Your b_line2 card will give you up to 25 per cent off most local bus and train fares - without it you'd probably be charged adult fare. And you can use it for shop and business discounts.


If you've lost it, broken it or if you've never had one,apply for a b_line card


It won't cost you anything to get a new card if it's due to expire.

Your b_line1 card will expire when you turn 16. If you're still at school they should sort you out with a new b_line2 card. Your b_line 2 card is then valid up to your nineteeth birthday.

If you're b_line1 card has expired and you've moved on to college or taken up an apprenticeship, a training course or are working or looking for work, you will need to make your own application.