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Important changes to b_line

Old style b_line2 cards expire on 31 October 2015

Although the new b_line scheme started in August, silver b_line2 cards have still been accepted for cut-price local bus and train travel.

After 31 October 2015 the silver cards will not be accepted and anyone without the new purple b_line2 card will have to pay the full adult fare.

If you go to school, most of you should have received your new cards by now or be getting them in the next few weeks. If you haven't got your new card yet, check in school first to see when it's likely to arrive.

If you are 16 up to your 19th birthday, live in Derbyshire and go to college, are an apprentice, trainee, are at work or looking for work, then you will need to make an application yourself.

Get a new b_line card.

Don't miss out on 25 per cent off bus and train fares on most journeys in Derbyshire and on trips to some nearby towns and cities where the journey either starts or finishes within the county.

b_line1 cards for 11 to 16-year-olds are still orange and can be used to prove you qualify for a child fare or the operator's own discount.

All b_line cards can also be used to get discounts at more than 600 shops and other businesses and be used to borrow at all Derbyshire and Derby city libraries.

Who qualifies

Up until August only students in full-time education qualified for a b_line travel, discount and library card. But from 1 August, all young people up to their 19th birthday who live in Derbyshire are eligible for b_line. So apprentices and other young people on training courses or looking for work can also benefit from cut-price travel on local buses and trains.

Age eligibility from 1 August 2015


Orange b_line1 cards are for 11-year-olds (in secondary school) up to 16th birthday. They can be used to prove you qualify for a child fare or bus or train company discount ticket.


This is a new coloured card. b_line2 cards used to be silver and you got one when you turned 14. New b_line2 cards are purple and now you get one when you turn 16.

Travel discount

The amount of discount you get off your bus or train fare is also changing. Instead of 33% off full adult bus and train fares, from 1 August you'll get 25% off.

There are no changes to where you can travel to get a discounted fare. You can get cheaper fares on all bus and train journeys within Derbyshire and on some trips to nearby towns and cities providing the journey starts or finishes within the county.

Other discounts

There are no changes to the shop and business discount part of the scheme. Both cards can still be used to get cut price deals - typically 10% off - at around 600 local shops and businesses. And be used to borrow at any Derbyshire or Derby city library.

Getting a new card

School students

If you go to a Derbyshire or Derby city school as a full-time student, in most cases you don't need to do anything. You will automatically be issued with a card. If for some reason you are not issued with a card through your school you can apply yourself by downloading an application form from the related documents section of this page.


If you go to Chesterfield College, Derby College, Buxton and Leek College or any school or college outside of Derbyshire, or are home educated, you will need to make an application. If you are an apprentice, on a training course, working or looking for work, you will also need to make an application. You can find the application form in the related documents section of this page.